Obelisk Small

Obelisk Small

Monday, 30 August 2010

The Ensign and the Rabbit

Another day, another new recruit wanting to join my group of roughnecks i sometimes call crew, but more often just damned dogs or filthy rats, especially after loosing another poker match.

It was about a month ago that the new recruit applied for the job of third engineer with a speciality on afterburners and jumpdrives. That day, an impressed 'boy' stood before my desk while i was insulting some shithead through the comms channel for being late with deliveries.

After the 'conversation' ended, i turned my gaze upon the recruit and he tried to avoid my piercing looks by looking a little bit past me, a little bit cowering which i like in the men and women that serve as my crew.

'So, i see you have some experience with engines and the likes' i barked at him, still angry from my discussions earlier.

'Yes Sir' He replied formal, hoping to be as humble as he could.

'What about Jump Drives and calibrating them?' i then asked in a milder tone.

'Sir, i am not sure what you mean with this question, Sir!' he said.

'Are you stupid boy?' i barked.

Suddenly i remembered scenes from long ago, where I stood on the same place as he was, before the desk of my first captain and mentor.

Fresh out of school, i had some promissing skills and expertise when i got contacted through a friend by some shady organisation. Not excatly knowing who they where or what they did, i was ordered to show up on some interview in a system i forgot the name of, but which was defenatly out of Concord's jurisdiction.

I entered the room and none other then Kosakami himself was sitting behind the desk.

'What about your Corporation Management skills?' Kosakami asked me.

'I do not really understand your question Sir!' i countered.

'I am not yet a member of a Corporation'

'Are you stupid boy?' he barked at me, and explained his question with a harsh look on his face.

Years passed since then and the corporation Kosakami talked about is the supporting backbone of the Guristas Associates, industrialists and engineers working with the same mindset and cary the name of the Rabbit with pride.

'Sir' the ensign said

'Is everything allright?'

I snapped back in the presence and told him what i wanted from him and offered him the job if he could fullfill it.

Now, weeks later, i am gratefull i took him in as he helped me finallising my studies to be able to fly a Jump Freighter.

I have to wait a couple more days before the papers and permissions are finalised, but that should not spoil the fun i will have when i'm able to jump vast distances through the galaxy.

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